Hoboken Movie Lineup: 8/2/2012

Trailer: Total Recall

Oh boy, starting tomorrow at Hoboken’s Clearview Cinemas: Total Recall, starring “actor” Colin Farrell.

It has become obvious that “original” scripts have gone by the wayside in favor of movies that have better chance at financial success. It’s much less frequent that movies are solely made by passionate film-makers who have some kind over “vision,” instead, we have a “big conglomerate” that taints what movie-making used to be like. It’s all about the Benjamin’s these days, I guess.

Rounding out the weekend is Ted, The Dark Knight Rises and The Watch. No Kiddie movies for you this weekend! I guess everyone needs a “time out.” Burn!

PS – If I ever have time to sit down and watch a flick – here’s what’s next in in my Blu-Ray queue: The Sand Pebbles and King of Kings. Never heard of those? Didn’t think so.

The rest of the movie times below…

Hoboken Movie Times for

(Movie times updated hourly – and shows linked for online purchase are underlined)

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Mitch Ultimato

No kiddie movies but no adult movies either. When I wanted to see great new films like Beasts of the Southern Wild and and Moonrise Kingdom, the two best films of the year so far, I had to go into the city. At least Edgewater has Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love. The Hoboken theater has deteriorated into a place that only shows the latest blockbuster mindless garbage that appeals to the masses. With five theaters can’t they at least show one film per week that people over 20 might enjoy? If you want to check out quality movies in NJ the closest place to do that is in Montclair at the Clairidge. Or there’s always Netflix.

And by the way, must the Hoboken theater crank the volume to ear-splitting level on the previews? It’s actually painful to be in the room. It doesn’t make me want to see the movies any more when they blast the previews. No other theater that I know of has it that loud.