Yet another Hoboken car crash

Cab crash at 14th & Washington in Hoboken, NJ

Around 1:45am this morning, a violent car crash took place near 14th & Washington Streets. A cab carrying two passengers as well as another vehicle. At least one pole was toppled along with spilled vehicular fluids and/or fuel (and live power wires according to HPD).

Witnesses on hand said that one driver ran a red light, hitting the cab driver who spun around and knocked the light pole over. Some minor injuries were reported that Hoboken EMS is checking out. At least one was taken to the hospital. Lucky no one was standing under the pole! Imagine this happening on a Friday night?

Be careful driving AND walking in Hoboken after hours. The combination of speedy competitive cabbies and less than perfectly attentive other drivers creates less than ideal conditions.

Bad car crash Hoboken NJ 14th Washington August 1 2012 - Yet another Hoboken car crash

Hoboken car crash 14th Washington1 - Yet another Hoboken car crash

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