Reunited at Maxwell’s: The Push Stars

The Push Stars are back in Hoboken!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 8th!

Dan McLoughlin, owner of Garden Street Music and The Vault recording studio in Hoboken has a past life that some may not know about.

The Push Stars perform at Maxwells in Hoboken NJ 2012

History of The Push Stars

The push stars meet me at the fairA musician, recording engineer and producer by trade, Dan was working at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY when he produced a Boston singer named Chris Trapper. Chris brought his drummer Ryan MacMillan to the studio – but no bass player. Dan filled in on bass – and in 1995 The Push Stars, now based in Boston, MA was born.

After they released their debut record Meet Me at the Fair,” they emerged on the Boston scene and within a year won EMI Music’s “Best Unsigned Band in America” award.

Because of this and numerous Boston Music awards, a major label bidding war ensued and the Push Stars signed with Capitol records. As their grass-roots audience grew both in Boston and around the country, they released “After the Party” on Capitol Records. With the help from a deal with EMI music publishing, the band soon heard their music on radio stations and in major films like, “There’s Something about Mary,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Me, Myself and Irene,” “Say it Isn’t So” and many TV shows like MTV’s “The Real World” and “Malcolm in the Middle” among others. The also appeared in Rolling Stone and reviewed in SPIN, CMJ, as well as live appearances on national talk shows.

The band continued to tour relentlessly and build a solid following around the country, but when the major label machine started to crumble the Push Stars opted out of their Capitol deal. Most of the people at the label that had been supporting the band were fired and the band was anxious to move on. Their next record, although slated to be produced by Rik Ocasek, was self produced after Capitol wouldn’t return any of Rik’s phone calls. Rik, a fan of the band’s music, advised them to move on and release the album themselves. So “Opening Time,” self produced and released with the help of local Boston Indie label Co-op Pop Records, came to life.

A New York Times review raved with the line “…the Push Stars…classic pop perfection.”

Dan McLoughlin The Push Stars Maxwells Hoboken NJ

Tours, success, and settling down… but not out

After more touring and opening for bands like Third Eye Blind, Better Than Ezra, Great Big Sea, Guster, and Julian Lennon, the Push Stars felt it was time to get back in the studio to record their latest record, “Paint the Town” in Los Angeles with producer Greg Collins (U2, Kiss, No Doubt).

Released by Tower Records’ owned 33rd Street, “Paint the Town” was a success with the fans and critics alike.

Guitarist Matt Beck from Matchbox Twenty played on the record and soon after it’s release gave a copy to Rob Thomas on a plane ride during their European tour. A couple of days later Rob Thomas commented how much he loved it, and eventually became such a fan that he asked the Push Stars to open for them on their next tour. Needless to say this was a huge opportunity for the band and was an incredible experience playing sold out arenas.

After a few more years of touring, the band started to settle down. Ryan moved to Los Angeles and eventually became the drummer for Matchbox Twenty and Tonic, recording and touring with them and other bands. Dan moved to Hoboken and continued to engineer and produce artists in his own studio, The Vault. Dan’s love for music led him and his wife to open Garden Street Music (1018 Washington St.) to teach aspiring musicians and eventually Garden Street School of the Performing Arts for dancers, actors and artists.

Chris Trapper continues to tour and record solo records, gathering new fans and growing more as an artist. His song “This Time” from the movie “August Rush” was up for a Grammy and his records continue to garner critical acclaim. His most recent album, The Few and the Far Between featured guest vocals from Rob Thomas and Colin Hay.

The band has always remained extremely close and has never officially “broke up.”

Push Stars Reunion at Maxwell’s in Hoboken August 8th

This reunion at Maxwell’s is special because it had always been a regular stop on tour for the band and they always loved hanging out in Hoboken. In fact, Dan loved it so much he moved there – he even met his wife at Maxwells! The band is doing this show for all the fans that have stuck with them and just want to have a great time. The Push Stars have always loved playing together and it’s obvious to the fans who come to expect a high-energy, fun show. For this the band has always felt lucky to have the opportunity to play and have people sing along, especially at a legendary rock club like Maxwells.

The show is at Maxwells, Wednesday August 8th. Show starts at 9PM. Tickets are $15, advanced tickets are sold on

Here’s a great track entitled “Drunk is Better than Dead,” from their 1999 release “After The Party”:

Enjoy the show!

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