60 Second Review: Lola’s Tapas Bar

Lola’s Tapas Bar in Hoboken, NJ is a solid choice!

Last week – we made a brief mention about Lola’s Tapas & Wine Bar on 14th Street in uptown Hoboken – and how we hadn’t been there in thousands of days – and how it looked relatively quiet most of the time.

That prompted curiosity and desire to check it out soon afterward.

We were pleasantly surprised!

Lola’s Tapas offers a quality dining experience in Hoboken, NJ

We have to say – our visit to Lola’s was definitely not bad at all! The food was delicious and the service was good. While we wish it were a Hoboken BYOB establishment, they probably wouldn’t survive without their liquor license. Here’s the quick dish breakdown:

  • Opening. Waiter was responsive and not annoying whatsoever. We ordered a bottle of red (I think it was $15), and they served us bread & olive oil. I ended up cheating on the low carb life just a little a bit – and the bread pieces were a bit stale – but nothing to write the BBB about.
  • Portobello Mushrooms Osborne. Not sure what “Osborne” means, but these grilled mushrooms in a kind of garlicy gravy were delectable. I typically despise mushrooms (think: human earlobes), but this was a phenomenal dish I couldn’t stop eating. Wonderful!
  • Filet with hot peppers. Lola’s loves serving filet mignon tips in various accompaniments. We chose the hot peppers. While it wasn’t tongue-blasting, it was still tender and delicious. A smidgen on the under-flavored side, but better than over. You can always salt to taste. Well done!
  • Pork skewers with Avocado. Lastly, we ordered a “special” which looked like it had been the same special for the past 5 years. Some kind of pork skewer that was supposed to come with avocado. We thought “fresh” avocado, but instead it came with guacamole. Nevertheless, it was still fresh and yummy. Worthy.

Overall – Lola’s is a decent place to go for many reasons. One, it’s not packed with riff-raff. Two, it’s quite unique in Hoboken. And three – they offer what we feel are tantalizing dishes that might be off your radar just a bit.

I personally get frustrated by the “barrel table” seating in most of the establishment, which is why we chose to sit outside – which was a much more comfortable choice for tall people. If Lola’s ever decides to renovate – my recommendation would be to get rid of those god-awful tables. It’d probably help increase traffic and revenue.

In the end, though – Lola’s deserves to survive in Hoboken. It’s a fun place to eat and drink, and isn’t under the spotlight like many other places in town. We’re going to bring Lola’s back into the regular rotation for the rest of 2012 at least.

See the Lola’s Tapas Bar Menu in Hoboken here.

What are your thoughts about Lola’s?

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The Professor
The Professor

I’ve never been to Lola’s when it’s crowded. More people should know about this place – the food is so much better than other restaurants right up the block that are jam-packed!