Hertz Cars aren’t punished in Hoboken

Are Hertz On Demand Cars immune to tickets in Hoboken, NJ?

Spotted yet another botched parking job by one of the Hertz On Demand customers.

Not only was the car halfway in the street, it was 5 feet into the yellow as well. Days went by, and no parking summons was issued. If this were your or I with our personal vehicles, we would have had been ticketed and booted.

Why do Hertz Cars get preference over the residents and visitors of Hoboken?

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Unfortunately the poor bugger in the Fiat did not have much choice when it came to parking.

There was another Hertz vehicle (Black Prius) who’s driver at the time thought it was a bus so took up both the spots leaving only that small room in front for the Fiat to maneuver into.

Suppose they could have let Hertz know of the asshat behind em, guess they didn’t and hence its like this.

But it was not their fault originally.


This is not true at all! Hertz on Demand cars do get tickets and even get towed. They will charge those fees back to the customer for improper parking so don’t do what that customer did, park the car correctly!