Hoboken Curb Lines get updated

9/25/2007 Update:

Seems like there was either some mis-communication, or they just didn’t measure correctly. The white lines that were sprayed a couple weeks ago, have been removed in many areas.

Wouldn’t it have just been easier to use “invisible paint”?


City crews are making their way around town re-painting the white lines on the curbs near the intersections. Now there are TWO white lines. Even more confusing.

The new lines they were painting today were closer to the corner than the previous white lines (15′ from the corner). I’m assuming some new yellow paint is next for the prohibited parking areas.

I still strongly believe that INNER CORNERS of intersections should have 50′ or more prohibited parking. Especially SUV’s. I’m not sure why no one is listening. I guess it’ll take a prominent member of our city government to get into an bad accident for this very reason for action to be taken.


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That stupid Green Advetisement truck parks in front of the 13th Street Breezeway by Shipyard every morning blocking the line of sight for all pedestrians crossing Hudson Street and for the cars to not hit them. I wonder why they don’t get told to move, or get a ticket.


I was looking at the explanation in #24. Sah, if I’m reading you right, that only makes sense if you are driving.

Pedestrians are two-way traffic on every street, even those marked “one-way.” They need the open sight lines as well — particularly if they have small children, strollers, or are confined to a wheelchair. Not everyone can lean out safely into oncoming traffic to check for a crossing.


411, are the lines removed on the corners that don’t block the site of an oncoming car (see my post above)? Maybe they’ve finally realized that not all four corners should be treated the same? If so, then they need to paint over the yellow too.


[quote comment=”43879″]My contention is that not every corner at every intersection is the same. At a typical Hoboken intersection where two one-way streets meet, the only corners that matter are those that block the sight of any oncoming traffic. As far as I see it, only two parking spaces out of eight spaces at any particular intersection like this qualify as potentially blocking the sight of oncoming traffic. The other six parking spaces closest to the crosswalks shouldn’t matter and cars should be permitted to park right up to the crosswalk. This would buy us six spots per intersection. That’s a lot of parking spaces!!

Am I wrong??[/quote]

This is exactly my take on it. Why do we need to have a line of sight on the corner we’re turning to on a one-way street!!! Crazy.

Btw – if Cracker is a racist screen name then maybe “Easy-E” could be mistaken for some pro-drug terminology…just a thought while we’re picking hairs…