The (lost) art of real conversation

City Chatter: Personal conversation robotized in Hoboken

Stumbled upon this new “APP” this morning called City Chatter.” It’s available for your Apple device in the App Store.

It’s an iOS device app that is basically a phony digital “chat room” for REAL WORLD places.

In other words, you go to a bar or public “hot spot”… where real physical people preside – who all have brains, eyes, ears, and mouths (that you presume can speak English words) – but rather than actually speaking human vocal chords to them like you’re fully capable of doing – you log into this application and “chat” with them electronically first. Oh, the humanity! (where did it go?)

At what point do you unplug from “City Chatter?”

Sure – to some people, this might be considered a great “App…”

I can imagine the newest adult generation finding some merit to a Matrix digital application that enables them to communicate to another individual without the face-to-face “troubles” that may plague many people (shyness, accountability, eye contact, non-verbal clues, etc.)

However – it’s this author’s belief that if you choose to enter a public venue where other human beings exist (with those same “old school” communication devices like eyes and mouths that you were born with and were taught to use fluently…) you should probably be prepared to USE THEM!

But because the technological slavery has been overcoming the world at an alarming rate – “going to the bar” is not what it used to be.

Can you exist without your phone anymore?

You almost cannot even exist anymore in a public place without being tethered to your “digital communication pad.” The art of interpersonal communication is fading rapidly!

While I totally understand the evolution of such technological applications – I for one, choose not to embrace this particular “app.”

By denying infiltration of this particular “social networking” application into you life – you’re holding on to the last bastions of humanity.

  • The downside? You might miss out on the opportunity to “hook up” with the person who lives solely in this digital world (hot or not).
  • The upside? You have a better chance of finding one of the dwindling number of “real” humans left on the planet.

Enjoy your “app time!”

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I read the article about this guy and his app. Haven’t the ‘youngsters’ and techno people regressed socially-and as a society as a whole-enough already? Take a train or bus and see how ‘social’ people are…..Coffee houses, bookstores, clubs, etc. are the places to go to actually meet and , here’s a novel concept, speak and get to know one another.
Way too many people are losing their social skill set (lets not get into how people write), now you want an app top make people less social?


How long this will last… before drunk creeps spoil the airwaves.


I’ve been getting my friends to all turn their phones off when we go out. It was hard for them at first, but we’ve made a pact to have phone time-outs. When you begin to realize how hard it is to let go of them, it makes you sick. These applications are just feeding the beast within. Soon you’ll be so addicted that if there is ever a power outage, people will lose their mind.

kooky kat

Maybe it’s better to have their heads buried in thier phones, has anyone heard a conversation between these young people? It makes my ears bleed!

LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE. And they talk really loud for some reason, maybe they don’t understand how loud they are because all of their conversations take place in code while texting.