Garden Street Hazmat

Suspicious material reported near 13th & Garden in Hoboken

At around 10pm on Monday – a Hoboken resident living near 13th & Garden called HPD indicating he received a mysterious package containing a “suspicious” powder.

Police, Fire, EMS as well as HazMat crews were called to the scene, where they “bagged and tagged” the evidence for further testing. Two patients were potentially exposed to this substance, but refused medical treatment. It’s believed that outside agencies have been requested to further investigate this case (Hudson County or possibly the FBI).

My first thought was that this was just another “paranoid” individual who has been victimized by the scary news channels and crazy TV dramas, but nuttier things have happened – so we’ll wait and see what the investigation unveils.

HazMat Drama Hoboken NJ 13th and Garden suspicous powder - Garden Street Hazmat

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