Fire reported at Sovereign Building

Should “Careless Cooking” be punishable in Hoboken?

7:35pm Update:

Like it happens almost daily in Hoboken, this fire call was due to “careless cooking,” and no longer a dangerous situation.

However, shouldn’t cooking be considered an activity that people should be accountable for? Akin to “playing with fire,” those who choose to cook should understand that it’s important to exercise care and caution when dealing with high temperatures. Sure, concrete buildings with sprinklers like the Sovereign are one thing, a minor fire can still cause property damage nonetheless. But in older buildings that aren’t as fire-proof as the newer construction it’s even more important to pay attention when you’re cooking.

Should penalties be imposed on those who lack the attention span to watch their food cook?

Hoboken fire call at 2 14th Street – Sovereign Building

Hoboken Fire Department received several 911 calls at 7:25pm tonight that there was an active fire at The Sovereign Building at 2 14th Street uptown. Reportedly on the sixth floor.

Hoboken Fire Sovereign Building 2 14th Street Sixth Floor July 23 2012

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