The Shannon Cup

9/25/2007 Update: The U.S. Wins!

Speaking of darts, Tara from Shannon Lounge had this to say about last weeks competition:

“Saturday was a great day of darts and drinking. The U.S. came into the day with a two point lead and were determined to keep the momentum going their way. The World put up a fight throwing some great darts, but they were never able to overcome the deficit from Tuesday.”


“Throughout the day, several people got a chance to test their skills against Jim Widmayer. Lee Montalvo was the only successful player of the day after he threw Jim off his game with a ton 40 to start the match. He was awarded with $100 cash for being able to beat the pro.

Scores and the dart boards were shown on the televisions around the room so that no matter where you were, you could see what was going on. Seamus and Doug kept the crowd updated on the ongoing events in their broadcast booth while handing out raffle prizes all day. Nancy put out a great spread of hot food and Melanie made some delicious deserts.

Congratulations to the U.S. for their 29 -21 victory over The World. The team went home with $1,000 cash and their names will be put on a plaque below The Shannon Cup trophy in the back room. Frank Dahl Jensen (World) and Joe Ziaya (U.S.) were awarded the title of MVP for their team and received Shannon Cup MVP shirts.”


“Special thanks to everyone involved in making this a great success, especially Melanie Ryan for creating our logo and making our idea a reality. We look forward to the tournament growing bigger and better each year. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors: Bud Light, Tavern Tax,, Bulliet Bourbon, Fillipo’s on First, Metro Shuttle, and Banjuba photography.

We still have some exclusive Shannon Cup t-shirts available for sale for $15. Stop by the bar and get yours today!

9/21/2007 Update:

The first night of the tournament was a great success with a very close competition. Going into the second and final day on Saturday, the U.S. is leading 15 – 13. They expect Saturday to be another day of tough competition between the two teams.

They encourage everyone to come out on Saturday and watch the tournament. Spectators can see the games live on the tvs above the board as well as the scores being posted on the big screen. Their broadcast booth will be keeping everyone updated as the day goes on. Everyone can put in for their chance to beat #7 Jim Widmayer at a game of darts. Winners are guaranteed $100 cash and if you play and lose, you will recieve a $20 Shannon Bucks Gift Card just for trying. Raffle prizes throughout the day as well as great food and drink specials. There are a limited number of Shannon Cup t-shirts available for sale that day as well.



Starting next week, The Shannon Lounge is hosting a huge two-day dart event pitting the USA vs. “The World”.

Seasoned dart aficionados will be gathering on September 18th and 22nd to compete for a $1000 top prize. #7 ranked professional dart player Jim Widmayer will also be there to put Hoboken players to shame, and make them wish they took up badminton instead.

Specials, food, prizes and more. Check it out!

(Hoboken411 is a sponsor of the event, too)


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You don’t know darts til you’ve played with the best.


I hear there are some serious dart players out there, Mr Carbone!


The first night of competition really was outstanding. both teams played extremely well and as the score shows, 15-13, they were very evenly matched. Too bad the U.S. players in the World Series of darts didn’t fare as well well last summer in Vegas.