Magpantay, Emiliana M MD


Breaking news. She moved. See the terrific sign she left behind?

Description – Obstetrics & Gynecology
Address – 501 Washington St, 330 Grand St., Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4905
Telephone – (201) 659-7102


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Tama Murden

One time only, in the early ’90’s (b/c she was in my HMO network), I went to her at her Washington St. office. A dirty clinic coat, among other scary aspects. Mind-boggling that she’s remained in practice.


I’ve never encountered such an unprofessional physician. I tried making an appointment (one of the few females within my insurance) three times, and each time she wasn’t in during her designated office hours, so an answering service took a message. Finally she called me back, a few days later, and a set appointment was made.

I showed up a little early, and her front door was locked. Inside an elderly man appeared to be doing janitorial duties, and while standing in the rain, I pounded on the door to get his attention. He looked up, and completely ignored me.

I didn’t take her phone number with me, but called information. No record on her on 411. I ended up calling my niece at home, to call the doctor and tell her that I was outside in the rain. My niece said that the doctor had tried to get in touch with me, which was a lie, since I had my cellphone in hand!

How does such a person stay in business? Just as well, for in retrospect, I’d prefer NOT to have her IN MY BUSINESS!


I would be really scared to go there.Especially with that professional sign.