Reader Mail: Obnoxious Parkers


We all know this debate comes up in Hoboken from time to time, how we think people purposely take up multiple spots to protect their precious rides. Often times, however, it’s not the driver’s fault, as many cars may come and go throughout the day, and it just looks like they were being obnoxious.

But in this case, a Hoboken411 reader witnessed someone caught in the act, and shares her sentiments:

“Hey 411..

I think you should have a section on obnoxious parkers!

I was driving up Bloomfield and 2nd and saw the owner of this vehicle getting out of the car and walking away. She intentionally parked taking up TWO spots so that a car couldn’t fit behind her or in front of her. So I took a picture. I know it looks in the photo like a driveway to the rear but its not, its just a back door and you can park there, and all she had to do was move up two feet and there would have been room for a compact car. You can see from the photo how much room she had in front of her.

There are a lot of spots around town were you can fit 2 cars and people park right in the middle taking up both spots as well.”


It’s not like we have bountiful parking choices.

How do you feel about this?

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or we could all just get segways


what the hell are you talking about?


See, if you would all just get sports bikes parking would never be an issue.

Spoiled cagers.


#36 reminds me of a good point under the general umbrella of streets and asinine hoboken things… i’ve never seen a town in NJ or otherwise, that has so few street signs. sometimes i never know where the hell i am (of course i have a general idea, but… you get the point…). what is the difficulty in the concept of putting up street signs?? does russo not know how to spell “Madison”? does castellano get confused by which street comes after “Fifth.” i certainly don’t mean to single out these two – i chose them at random – but too bad!…c’mon, do some f’n work people! stop with the nonsense, hot air, and excuse after excuse!


looks like the ideal opportunity to sharpen my keys! :mrgreen: