Contest: New York Yankees Giveaway

10/8/2007 Recap:

I’ve been meaning to post an update to the fun Hoboken411 Yankee Baseball trip a bunch of us went on last month. Seeing that the Yankees’ season is dangerously close to being over, I’d better do it now while it’s still relevant! Maybe it’ll be good luck?

Attending the trip was myself, Ian from Hoboken Golf (the hosts), a great kid named Henri and his mom Meagan, Mark, another Ian, Tamara from Get Out Hudson, and another Megan from M. Avery Designs. They all enjoyed the trip, especially since the Yanks won! You’ll see one of their “Picture & a Paragraph” submissions about Hoboken each day this week.

Believe it or not, the number of entries received for this contest was very low. I was thinking “who wouldn’t turn down a chance for free drinks, a free ferry cruise, free Yankee tickets and other giveaways?” Part of the problem was, that me and Hoboken Golf disagreed as to whether to give the tickets away individually, or in pairs. I felt pairs would have been better, so we will do that for the next promotion. Additionally, mid-week games are harder to make time for. Either way, it was nice to meet other Hoboken residents and fans of 411.

With close to 1000 photos and over 6 GB of video, the recap project was overwhelming and never had the time to “sort through” the accumulated data! Instead, I picked a few of the photos, and I’ll save the video for a rainy day (or slow news day in Hoboken.)

See some more photos from the trip below.

Thanks again to Hoboken Golf, Teak on the Hudson and NY Waterway!





If you want to see the Yankees in the final weeks of the playoff race, have a few drinks, and enjoy the ferry ride around Manhattan, all FREE, get out there, take your picture and send your paragraph in SOON! Contest ends Monday at 6pm. What fan (or someone who likes free stuff) would turn a free event like this down?

Weather on Wednesday is supposed to be PERFECT.

Win a FREE trip to see the New York Yankees!

Hoboken411, Hoboken Golf, NY Waterway Ferry and Teak On The Hudson are taking SIX lucky readers to see the New York Yankees (FREE!) in our 1st “Picture & a Paragraph Promotion” (PPP). Hoboken411 & Hoboken Roving Reporter will even accompany and entertain you on the way to and during the game!

Winners will receive:

  • Ticket to see the New York Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles on September 19th at 7pm.
  • Round trip Ferry passage aboard the Yankee Clipper (leaves out of Hoboken terminal).
  • Complimentary Happy Hour drinks at Teak.
  • Yankee Clipper T-Shirt


Entry is easy:

  1. Visit ANY Hoboken Business.
  2. Take a picture (inside OR outside will do).
  3. Write a paragraph about that business and why you selected it.
  4. Must be a Hoboken411 registered reader. You can register here, if you haven’t already.
  5. OPTIONAL, but RECOMMENDED: Tell the business owner that you are doing this for a promotion (give him or her the website if he or she doesn’t know!).

Send entry to: (don’t forget to attach your picture).


Monday, September 17th at 6pm!!

Please leave your email address, Hoboken411 login name, real name, email address and telephone number (optional, but good in case we need to reach you). Also let us know that you ARE available to meet us at Teak On The Hudson at 4 PM on Wednesday, September 19th (if you are not available and we choose your entry we’ll get you some other prize to be determined later).

– Boat leaves Hoboken Terminal at 5:20pm!

How the winners are selected:

Entries WILL be judged on quality of picture (doesn’t need to be super high resolution, but please make sure it’s something relevant), quality of writing (try to be constructive if including any criticisms) and uniqueness of the business chosen (we won’t pick multiple winners from the same business).

SIX grand prize winners will win the package above AND will have their entry featured on Depending on the number of entries, additional, smaller prizes will be awarded. assumes ownership of and reserves the right to use all entries in any way we see fit – we will award SOME prize to each entrant for which we use an entry.

Remember, contest deadline is MONDAY 9/17/2007 at 6pm!!

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nice jacket 411 😆


I’d love to go as long as i dont have to eat at Trinity or 340 first !!! :mrgreen:


Great contest, 411! The ferry is THE way to get to the game–I haven’t taken the subway there in years.

ron mexico
ron mexico

Didn’t realize ther was only one ferry, thought you would be wating in line as ferry’s came and took people ahead of you.

Thanks for the response.