“Dear Hoboken Parking Utility…”

Letter: HPU is run by truly incompetent leaders!

Oh boy – seems like the Hoboken Parking Utility can’t do much right (except steal from residents and visitors). See what Leslie has to say about their latest (ongoing) screw up!

Ian Sacs and Dawn Zimmer are incompetent in Hoboken NJ - "Dear Hoboken Parking Utility..."

HPU “ecommerce” is a colossal screw up

Dear HPU,

Ecommerce is still not working. Entered credit card info on site, twice. Get dialing “flower” then no confirmation page or email. Trust me, if I am charged multiple times, I will put into dispute with credit card issuer.

This has to be one of the most colossal screw-ups of ecommerce I have ever experienced. And don’t pass blame to vendor per letter below. It took HPU almost 6 months to realize they had not received payment?!

That’s how that guy stole all of the quarters from parking meters. Lack of competent oversight!

Honestly, cannot believe the incompetency of this department. I have no faith or trust in any of your processes, procedures or policies. Thank goodness I mostly park in garage because this has been a ridiculous process:

  1. Had to scan all sorts of documents to submit online. BUT, was not told up-front what documents. So had to scan docs step-by-step.
  2. Wait days, a week for approval.
  3. Submit payment and receive CONFIRMATION of said payment. AND pay a FEE to pay online vs. a DISCOUNT for unloading work from staff. I presume HPU was manually handling all of these online transactions? RIDICULOUS!
  4. Find out that payment didn’t go through six (6) months later?!
  5. Now, I cannot be sure if I have paid or not.

This would be a joke if parking on Hoboken streets wasn’t such a catch-fire issue. Appears to me again and again like HPU is run by truly incompetent leader(s).

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Friday, July 13, 2012 7:58 am

Where can I get a job where I get paid to be so lackadaisical?

Most people I know who are working are working their butts off – long hours, limited or no raises, and ever present insecurity lurking in the background. A small mistake or even stuff out of their control can make them RIF bait. If you trudge in at 7:30am, work through lunch, and leave just after 7pm, the last thing you want to do is deal with unnecessary hassles like HPU SNAFUs.

Reminds me of that old joke: Q: why did the gubmint worker NOT spend all morning staring out the window? A: he wanted something to do in the afternoon.

BTW, if you get one of those emails, check your CC statement to be sure transaction actually isn’t there.

Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:37 am

Apologies. Sorry we’re complete f*ck-ups, but give us your money anyway!

I think for the inconvenience HPU should just give the rest of the year free.

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