ReBoot Camp 4 Paris

Best exercise retreat vacation in Paris

ReBoot Camp Mike Andreula CKO Trainer - ReBoot Camp 4 ParisMike Andreula of CKO Trainer and the Body Transformation Experiment knows how to offer the most innovative retreats that combine incredible locales, with challenging (yet rewarding) fitness goals.

Just like they did last year in Venice, Italy – but this time they’re headed to Paris, France!

“Do You Want To Create The Life You Desire – In Any Challenging Circumstance? Have you aligned your Life with the 3 Key Points that will enable you to not just survive, but thrive?

As always, admission to ReBoot Camp Retreat is extremely competitive, and space is limited. But if you’re accepted, you can expect to open yourself to an unparalleled experience that will dramatically change your mind, body, and spirit.”

Apply and get more information here – the trip is planned for late August.

Re-Vive! In 6 days at ReBoot Camp Paris…

This is exactly what you will accomplish:

  • The Art of Dynamic Training is about learning the skills to take whatever materials you have on hand, including your own body weight– to construct a workout specifically suited to YOUR individual goals.
  • The Science of Dynamic Nutrition is about determining the best foods for YOUR body, not the one-size-fits-all diet plans that are all the rage, with none of the results!

Discover exactly what you need to achieve your highest level of fitness, then develop a step-by-step process for aligning your beliefs, values and experiences in a way that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate body vision.

Create lasting change in your body and learn how you can influence and positively impact lasting change in the health of those around you.

Learn to stop sabotaging yourself and take effective action that will lead to your ultimate goals.Design the body you want on your terms. Discover and discard the obstacles that have kept you from achieving it!

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