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Starr Tutoring – 95 River Street – Hoboken, NJ

Here’s some great news for parents and kids in Hoboken.

We all know that receiving a proper education these days is a lot harder than it used to be. Dual income families, modern technological distractions, and worsening school systems can all contribute to some degree – and your child may suffer academically as a result.

But Hoboken never had any kind of real tutoring that can help with math, reading & writing, grammar and phonics.

Introducing Starr Tutoring at 95 River Street.

Starr Tutoring Hoboken NJ - Starr Tutoring

Tutoring can help a child obtain confidence to succeed

kid studying after tutoring - Starr TutoringWhitney Starr Moll, the Founder and Director of Starr Tutoring recognized the absence of such a facility in Hoboken, which is why she thought she could serve the community by fulfilling this need. She says:

“I am very excited to announce the opening of Starr Tutoring, Hoboken’s premier tutoring center for children in grades Kindergarten through Fourth! My profession as a private elementary school teacher in Hoboken for the past 6 years has allowed me the opportunity to work with children of all grade school ages from varied backgrounds, each having a unique learning style. The commonality is that all students benefit from one on one attention tailored to their own particular style.

With class sizes increasing, students are often getting lost in the classroom and not getting the individual attention they may need to progress or excel. In my experience, it is the students that constantly participate who are given the most attention. Some students crave support but are too shy or embarrassed to ask for help. Others may seek help but receive inadequate attention.

This is what Starr Tutoring is for! When your child comes in, our qualified tutors assess your child to determine their individual learning style as well as strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to devise a personalized curriculum. When your child leaves Starr Tutoring they will leave with the confidence to ask questions, allowing them to engage in discussions and obtain the confidence to succeed.

I believe that once a child is confident in their abilities, they will shine.”

Welcome to Hoboken, Starr Tutoring!

Description: Tutoring for children from Kindergarten through 4th Grade.
Address: 95 River St., Suite 208, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (973)865-2107

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