Activists among us

“Earth” bumper sticker on fossil-fuel car in Hoboken

Earth Bumper Sticker in Hoboken NJ - Activists among us

I could go on and on about how ANY sticker on ANY vehicle is really ridiculous.

Family Decals and oval bumper stickers are the big rage these days, where people can show off to complete strangers about their special family or fancy second vacation home, half marathons, political beliefs and other wacky messages.

I’ve never put any sticker on my car (even the dealer stickers always came off!), however I spotted the car (above) on Bloomfield St. the other day: An Obama ’08 sticker, and another one directly underneath: “Earth.”

After seeing this liberal car, I cracked up because it immediately reminded me of one of the best classic George Carlin videos of all time:

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