Hoboken + people = traffic

Traffic gridlock in Hoboken after Macy’s Fireworks

This is why I’ve always said there needs to be a moratorium on crazy development in Hoboken. In fact it should have been implemented decades ago. A city our size has no ability to manage traffic volume due to limited capacity of our very few entry/exit points.

If we keep building tall apartments – it will not only hurt the transportation infrastructure, others will get affected as well (sewerage, electricity, etc.)

And no – public transportation, bike lanes and car-sharing are not and will never be the solution.

If we stuff ten or twenty thousand additional residents into Hoboken – the traffic like we had earlier this week for the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks will be a daily occurrence.

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I agree. Great shot… in spite of the chaos.

Also agree with your post. But I think as crime picks up in town, people will file out. That, and any more infrastructure disasters combined with bad weather– it seems every few days around the US, people are losing power (electricity) as a result of powerful storm systems that move in and move out rather quickly.

Some things to ponder…


Wow- that’s a great shot!