60+60 Second Review: Hotel Victor

120 Second Review: Hotel Victor in Hoboken Updated

8/3/2012 Update:

We told you guys earlier this summer – that the “bar food ante” has been upped by Hotel Victor Bar & Grill (77 Hudson Street).

And after our second visit, we still stand by that sentiment.

Hotel Victor Bar & Grill in Hoboken continues to excel

Here’s a beautiful & brief recap of some other offerings from the Hotel Victor Bar & Grill Menu (which now brings our cumulative review time to a whopping 120 seconds!):

  1. Mini Meatballs Gratin. A potential low carb dream. Four or five meatballs, marinara sauce, fresh mozz, and some seasoned ricotta cheese. Bada Bing! This was a fabulous dish indeed. Overall it was wonderful. My only criticism is that I felt the meatballs alone could have used some work. A bit too much bread, and slightly lacking in flavor. The rest of the dish more than made up for this shortcoming. Hopefully the meatballs come up to par going forward.
  2. Chicken Quesadilla. Holy Hoboken Bargain! I only tried a few bites – but this is a killer dish, that is well worth the $11. Eight pieces stuffed with juicy chicken & cheese, and fresh condiments (salsa, guacamole, and sour cream). My girlfriend could barely put a dent into this. Highly recommended.
  3. Buffalo Wings. Last but not least – these are a standard staple at most bars & grills across the country. But a dish so common is often hard to find done well. Hotel Victor did these to perfection. Ideally seasoned, and cooked to exact amount of time necessary for the meal to be enjoyable. To quote my GF – “The best wings I ever had…” That’s saying a lot, but sometimes perfection can be had in simplicity and quality execution. Another highly recommended dish.

Hotel Victor in Hoboken ups the bar food ante!


For today’s Hoboken411 60 Second Review – we take a look at Hotel Victor Bar & Grill (77 Hudson – see menu here).

For starters, the last few years of Hobson’s Choice were not good. The place went downhill for many reasons we won’t get into here. But it is quite important to shake any bad (food) memories you might have had with the previous establishment – and welcome the New Hoboken King of casual bar dining!

You will have a fantastic meal at Hotel Victor Bar & Grill!

Without boring you with too many mundane details – the new owners of Hotel Victor “did the right thing,” in hiring a professional menu curator – and now have a brilliant & eager new chef, and a great kitchen staff.

The menu items are creative, the ingredients fresh, and the value is fair. And most importantly – the food is out of this world! Here’s a few items we sampled – and we’ll be back for more (we keep hearing about the lobster rolls!)

  • The burger ($12). You will not eat a better burger in Hoboken. A special blend of meat from Truglio’s Meat Market, custom designed buns from Dom’s Bakery, and freshly cut potato fries (blanched, then cooked to order) which were lightly seasoned with pepper & rosemary. Add your condiments and some curiously addictive pickle slices – and you have your best Hoboken burger. I had to stray off the low-carb lifestyle in order to form an opinion (won’t do it again like this – and only took a bite or two). But those who eat the Standard American Diet will go head over heels for this one. We actually went back a few days later and I ordered just the burger meat on top of a Greek salad which was also a home-run. A+
  • Nachos ($8). Back in the day – I used to love eating nachos. Fun all around! Today, I must stray away for obvious reasons. But the nachos at Hotel Victor (called “Not Ur Chips”) are quite possible the best I’ve ever tasted. The key element here is that they’re not corn tortilla chips – but rather freshly sliced potatoes, which are deep fried on site. Yep – crispy, thick-cut potato chips! That, along with gooey melted cheese, freshly made salsa, sour cream, and chunky bacon bits & guacamole to round it out. This could even be dangerous to share – as you and your friends might actually fight each other over it. It’s almost depressing that I miss out on food like this – but I will not rule out savoring this again for some special occasion in the future (like a certain weight-loss milestone, etc.)
  • Tuna Tacos ($15). An interesting twist on the taco. Juicy grilled tuna, freshly sliced veggies along with a light wasabi mayo makes for roller coaster of flavors in your mouth. Had a very “clean” taste nonetheless – which gives testament to the freshness of the food here.

Other items besides the Lobster Rolls we’ll taste next time are the mini meatball gratin, the cobb salad and perhaps the chicken wings – to see if the quality is consistent across the spectrum.

Check out the Hotel Victor menu to wake up your saliva glands!

So Hotel Victor is highly recommended so far – and should be the next place you try if you’ve been suffering from sub-standard burger offerings at local restaurants.

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Thank you for all the positive comments an feedback on our menu. Our meatball recipe have been modified so please come by and try it. Also 1/2 price twisted tuesdays enjoy all these great dishes and drinks at a fraction of the price.


unfortunately burgers and nachos is what has come to represent Hoboken’s “restaurant” scene and what we judge local restaurants quality by.

Jerz Viper
Jerz Viper

Hotel Victor Rocks! The food is awesome, the decor is perfect, and the wait staff is super attentive!
Its one of my favorite new places to go! I think I’ll stop by tonight for some Nachos!


They also have the greatest TV’s! You won’t believe the tables with the four legs and don’t get me started on those wonderful urinals!!![quote comment=”216350″]Hotel Victor Rocks! The food is awesome, the decor is perfect, and the wait staff is super attentive! Its one of my favorite new places to go! I think I’ll stop by tonight for some Nachos![/quote]

Mitch Ultimato
Mitch Ultimato

Burgers and nachos is upping the ante?