Hoboken Week in Review – 9/9/2007

bob-hoboken-sm.jpgWelcome to all the new registered readers!

Did anyone notice how jam-packed the city has been this weekend? The combination of the Italian Festival and the end of summer houses made Hoboken a little unbearable!

As always, feel free to send tips, rants, comments, drinks and suggestions to: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

What fun & noteworthy items were covered in the past week?

News, items of importance & “Hot Topics”:

  • Like Sardines – Last day of the Italian Festival in Hoboken. Great fireworks yesterday, and today old Hoboken band “Krystal” starts rocking at 3pm.
  • Fenced Off – A quaint waterfront park at Maxwell Place is still inaccessible.

Town Government:

  • King of Delays – Seems like everything Chris Campos is involved with gets delayed. This time it’s his own lawsuit & the 4th Ward Council election.
  • Council – A recap of the bi-weekly Hoboken sham.
  • Look Out! – The W Hotel project has problems with gravity.
  • Planning Board – Movie Theater gets delayed, NoHo gets approved.

Community Events & Local Sports:

  • Remembering 9/11 – Interfaith Memorial Service at Pier A this Tuesday evening.
  • 1 – 0 – Hoboken’s High School teams starts off strong this year.
  • All Aboard! – There’s still time left to get on the bus to the Mohegan Sun Casino. It ought to be fun!

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Quiet this week


  • No official reviews last week either!

Reader Mail Bag:

  • Hooray for Bob! – Lost dog named Bob becomes a rock star as people all around would love to take him. Jeff from Cornerstone Pets explains it all.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Fashionable – New Hoboken411 writer tells all the ladies about Fall Fashion.
  • Boob Tube – Actress Mischa Barton. Hoboken. End of story.
  • Hobotown – Another weekly installment of T.G. Heins’ cartoon.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Sicko – Deranged homeless man attempts to trick girl into a car.

Recent Town Incidents:

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normally i’m happy when traffic slows down a bit, but why do the police ignore double parking on washington street? on sunday there were probably 3 cars double parked per block for the full length of the city. when Sinatra is closed, and washington carries double the amount of traffic, plus the visitors for the festival, why don’t the cops control the flow on Washington? is this too difficult a concept for the HPD? were they ALL at the festival for crowd control? is there any reason they DO NOT ticket for double parking on Washington? when the busses cannot pass, the traffic comes to a standstill.


I almost got ran over 3 times today.

Each time I was already in the crosswalk, and I had to stop since an oncoming car seemed to have little regard for stop signs or basic traffic laws.

The tall dude screaming his head off at a livery cab at Newark and River st.about 2pm, yeah that was me.

When are they gonna turn on that goddamned stoplight already?


Traffic in town today (Sunday) is ridiculously bad. Can’t wait until Maxwell Place is 100% filled along with the other new developments…should make for some fun times with all the new lows we’ll hit in gridlock, not to mention road rage. I know the question has been asked MILLIONS of times, but…is our local government really that oblivious to what’s going on with the traffic situation?