Famous Pizza – open again

Famous Pizza open in Hoboken, NJ

Not sure why Famous Pizza at 207 Washington Street was closed for a stretch earlier this month – but they’re open again, as you can see from the bright flashing signs in the window.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Famous Pizza is reopened in Hoboken NJ - Famous Pizza - open again

Famous Pizza closed in Hoboken, NJ


Pizza is on not on any true low-carb person’s menu, which is why this entry doesn’t raise or lower my pulse.

However, several Hoboken411 readers mentioned that Famous Pizza at 207 Washington Street has been closed for the past five days.

Not sure what the deal is exactly, but if they’ve truly closed up shop – perhaps they should be famous for the shortest lived pizza joint ever in Hoboken?

Famous Pizza closed in Hoboken NJ - Famous Pizza - open again

Famous Pizza without Artichokes in Hoboken, NJ


A few quick points about this pizza place over at the former Fresh Pommes Frites spot at 207 Washington.

  1. Apparently – it was some ex-employees who were fraudulently trying to steal the name of the Famous Artichoke Pizza in NYC, who quickly were ratted out, and were forced to ingeniously change their name to “Famous Pizza” by removing the word “Artichoke,” which leads me to ask…
  2. How in God’s name does ANYTHING become “Famous” before they even open? Nonsense!

My first guess would be that they might become famous for the fastest pizza place to come & go in Hoboken. However, with hungry wandering drunks in this area who love pizza late at night, you might be able to serve Ellio’s Pizza and still survive.

Famous Pizza Hoboken NJ - Famous Pizza - open again

(They changed their name in July 2012.. updated story above)

Famous Artichoke Pizza from NYC coming to Hoboken, NJ

Taking the place of the doomed Fresh Pommes Frites eatery at 207 Washington Street is Artichoke Pizza, a successful start-up chain that has it’s roots in New York City.

Apparently they do one thing, and one thing well: Make pizza.

And their menu is quite simple – only four choices: Artichoke, Crab, Margherita and Sicilian. Slices are around 4-5 bucks each – and pies are from $24 to $30 each (in the city at least). Not sure if Hoboken rents will tug prices in one direction or another.

If they’re as good as some people are saying – do you think it’s possible they’ll have a negative impact on the lower-end pizza joints in town?

Famous Artichoke Pizza NYC coming soon to Hoboken NJ - Famous Pizza - open again

Description: Pizza restaurant. Artichoke Pizza Menu here.
Address: 207 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: www.artichokepizza.com
Phone: TBD

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Soon to be replaced by: Out of Business Pizza.


I agree! I tried to go to Famous Pizza twice now and still somehow have not gotten a slice. The first time they were closed..on a Saturday afternoon! The second time last night. The pizza looked like it had been sitting around and it was only 7pm. Also, I stood around for about 3-5 minutes and no one was there to take my order..so I left! [quote comment=”216641″]Soon to be replaced by: Out of Business Pizza.[/quote]


Given the lack of a quality slice to be found in Hoboken, I can only hope they produce a famously good slice.


This might be the greatest pizza ever known, but few people are going to regularly patronize this establishment. Even if these were better economic times, $4-$5 per slice is too much. Many people – myself included – will try it [at least] once, but this will also go the way of the Belgian fry.