Dads Wanted!

Are you a Hoboken dad? More importantly, do you want to “be in film”? Continue reading…


The Evolution of Dad is a documentary-in-progress about what it means to be a nurturing, involved, contemporary American father. The film will explore how fatherhood has evolved over time, what its impact has been on family and society; and lastly, how fatherhood will likely continue to evolve. The overall intention is to create a film that is inspiring, thought-provoking and profound. The film project “Evolution of Dad” is looking for subjects in Hoboken!

hoboken dads wanted - Dads Wanted!

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Be a subject in the film

We are looking for charismatic dads with compelling stories to follow as part of the film. To apply, please submit a short personal video via of yourself in which you share what makes your experience unique and compelling relating to dads.

Are you:

A Stay-At-Home Dad?
A Dad to a special-needs child?
A work-at-home Dad?
A Step-Dad?
A Long-Distance Dad?
A “Traditional” Dad?
A Divorced Dad?
A Single Dad?
A Gay Dad?
A Military Dad?

Or are you something entirely different?

Do you have a unique relationship with your children? Do you feel like you are a prime example of what a father should be? Or do you feel like you have room for improvement? We want to hear your story!

If you are interested in applying to be a part of The Evolution of Dad please make a 3-5 minute videotape telling us about yourself, including specifically, the following pieces of information:

Marital Status:
Number of Children:
Describe your philosophy on fatherhood:
What makes you an exceptional/noteworthy dad?
Describe a typical day in terms of interaction with your children.

Please submit your casting video by posting to and then sending the link, along with your name, location, and contact phone number to:

Please be patient and we will respond to every submission. Thank you!

How to post a video to

1. If you do not already have one, create a free account at by clicking on “sign up” (top right-hand side of the page.)

2. Load your video onto your computer from the camcorder (or mpeg movie digital camera.) Save your movie onto your hard drive with an easily recognizable name.

3. While logged into, click “upload” in the top right corner of the screen and follow the directions from there to upload your file.

4. Send us the link to your video so that we can view it and consider you for the film.

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