Bob has a home!

9/8/2007 Update:

In case you want to know what Bob’s status is, here’s an update from Jeff, at Cornerstone Pets:

“Hey 411 –

Thanks so much for posting Bob. We got many calls at Cornerstone from Hoboken to Connecticut!

For now, Bob is in foster care in a very, very good home with a big brother who seems to adore him like the rock star that he is. It appears as if he has found a permanent home with his foster mom but we have to keep the lines open with Liberty Humane should someone call looking for Bob. The foster mom understands the situation and is fostering him until that time may or may not come.

You can rest assured that we did not just “hand him over” to someone that walked in the door. We have adopted out numerous cat and dogs through C-PAW, the Cornerstone Programs for Animal Welfare and have never had a problem. We screen everyone very carefully and keep in touch with our pets. Meagan, our store Manager worked for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for 5-years and she knows what she is doing.

I’m sorry that we cannot duplicate Bob, but there are thousands of animals in this area looking for good homes and anyone who is seriously looking for a pet can stop in to fill out an application and we will keep names and numbers on file. A family came in yesterday looking to adopt a rabbit. Bob didn’t fit the bill but we pointed them in the right direction.

Thanks again for everything you have done and we’ll get some pictures to you soon. Bob rocks, and you helped. I’m sure Oscar is proud!”

Dog walker Kathleen (of Beagles and Friends), dropped of a dog today at Cornerstone Pets. He was found tied up on the corner of Warren and Grand in Jersey City, the Paulus Hook section.


“Bob” is officially up for adoption. He is being fostered in Hoboken and anyone can contact Jeff at the store. His information was sent to Liberty Humane in Jersey City where he was found and they will check for any “lost dog” reports, but it is not likely that anyone will come forward. He is already doing well in foster care with another dog in the house and doesn’t appear to have any “issues.” He is content, happy, and playful – like he should be. He’s a great dog for someone looking for an addition to the family.

He’s probably a designer mix, like a Cockapoo, or something similar and so far is an absolutely delightful dog. He’s about 15lbs, maybe a year old, NOT YET neutered, curly white/tan hair. He is very playful and content and seems to have been well taken care of. He likes other dogs and wants to play. He seems to be housebroken as well. This was definitely a dog in someone’s home but possibly just tied up in the street when the owner realized he was too much to take care of. He would make someone a great dog, and preferably a great second dog and it should not be difficult to adopt him to a good home.

People pay lots of money for dogs like this.

Anyone who wants to take him will be well screened. You can call Jeff or Meagan at Cornerstone Pets, 201-653-4644 and ask about Bob.

How cute is he? THANKS!!!

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[quote comment=”43556″]

One question for Timber though, did you bathe him when you found him? He is scratching a little bit, he may have allergies, or maybe the shampoo or whatever dryed his skin out? Anyway, good job! Bob is awesome![/quote]

Nope, just untied him from the fence, walked him home with my beagle- tried to feed him some food (he didn’t eat, but did a treat) and gave him a bowl of water that he drank down very quickly. He was only in my care for about 12 hours.

He is a sweet little dog!

kooky kat

So, I got to meet Bob last night and boy oh boy, he is CUTE! I just want everyone to know that he’s very happy and healthy loves his new mom and his big brother! That picture makes him look so big, but Bob is just a little guy, I was surprised. She’s having some problems with the potty training (he pooped on my floor as soon as he walked in, my dog literally scared the sh*t out of him maybe!) but I think it’s possible this dog was a wee wee pad dog. Why do people do that anyway? Dogs aren’t cats, are you that lazy that you can’t take them outside to take a piss?!/end rant.

She’s going to send some pictures soon to 411 so you can see just how happy he is, and that he’s most definitely found “home!”

One question for Timber though, did you bathe him when you found him? He is scratching a little bit, he may have allergies, or maybe the shampoo or whatever dryed his skin out? Anyway, good job! Bob is awesome!


[quote comment=”42687″]
PS. I had Bob overnight with me that first night and the little devil chewed my Philadelphia Eagles blanket–he must be a giants fan–LOL[/quote]

that’s one smart dog!


As Bobs new neighbor…all I can say is he has found a blessing in his new foster (and hopefully permanant) mom. He is sweet, loving and enjoyed by all of us! We have a dog too and they get along amazingly. Go Bobs mom! ROCK ON BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛


Hi Everyone, I am Bob’s new grandmom. Rest assured that Bob is in very good hands. He not only has a brother, but he now has cousins. When he come to visit, he will have a great time. Love Grandma