Man causing trouble at PSE&G

Update: Officers have not been able to confirm any gun, or any actual complaints filed . The party who phoned this in (and they have it on tape) indicated there was a weapon involved. False alarm. Official result? “Verbal Altercation”. Oh well.

Just now over the live police scanner..

615 Washington Street, reportedly a man with gun threatening violence with a gun inside the PSE&G office..

Blue shirt, brown shorts, blue sneakers, 6′ tall white male…

Officers on the scene said “slow it down” to the other responding units, while they try and identify…

Hoboken PSEG

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is this 4 real? or some sort of joke?


Ok – have been on hold for 15 minutes and 40 seconds now trying to speak to a CS rep at PSE & G. They suck.


I can’t believe they stil have offices like this. Several years ago I tried to fight the good fight in there and it was like talking to a freakin’ wall. I had already spoke to the “Customer Service” reps on the 1-800 line who guided me to that location and then was told something completely different by the indifferent man inside. Going “POSTAL” has become a common expression. Going “PSEG” will probably climb right up there and take over.


Could be that Furey guy, they did try and bang him for like $10k. Perhaps they took out a lien on his condo?


er, 5 mins to get mine SCHEDULED, and 15mins to actually change it out, I mean.