Downtown Hoboken Farmers’ Market 2012

Hoboken Farmers’ Market downtown – Tuesdays through Oct.

Now in its sixteenth year, the Hoboken Farmers’ Market is located on Washington St. between Newark St. and Observer Hwy. The market opens this Tuesday and runs through October on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 7:30pm.

“If you don’t get it locally, you just don’t get it.”

– David Calamoneri

The Hoboken Farmer’s Market serves three purposes: It helps small farmers in New Jersey sell their produce, by giving them a venue they would otherwise not have. Local fresh fruits and vegetables are brought to the residents of Hoboken by the people that actually harvest them. And last but certainly not least the Hoboken Farmer’s Market has served as a gathering place for the community, where people exchange smiles, thoughts, and recipes!

With the same vendors as last year: two conventional farmers (K&S and Union Hill Farms), one fruit farmer (Melick’s Town Farms), an organic farmer (Star Brite Farms), an organic baker (The Bread Co.), and a pickle person (Pickle-icious)!!

Downtown Farmers Market June 26 2012 Hoboken NJ - Downtown Hoboken Farmers' Market 2012

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