Holding events in Hoboken

Hoboken has a few event space options

Over the years – I’ve been asked many times where people can hold events for their friends and family.

Special occasions like engagement parties, milestone birthdays, graduations often might call for a more robust venue than a typical Hoboken apartment.

Hoboken Event Spaces NJ

Where would you hold your large event in Hoboken?

Below is a list that might give you some ideas for your next event. Feel free to add in case I left off an obvious choice.

Private Party spaces in Hoboken NJ

  • Hoboken Elks Lodge (1005 Washington St.) – A fantastic old-school space that can accommodate any event, large or small. They have two floors, a bar and have served many satisfied customers over the years. One of the bigger options in town.
  • Kolo Klub (1422 Grand St.) – This is the newest space in Hoboken – opening July 2012. See preview here for more details about this massive 4000 sq. ft. venue.
  • Willie McBride’s (616 Grand St.) – When it comes to bar size, Willie’s is in the top 5, and has a fairly large back room that’s available for your celebration.
  • Turning Point (1420 Sinatra Drive) – While not a huge space, they can handle smaller parties (like for the kids).
  • Las Olas (1319 Washington St.) – With space indoors, as well as a fairly spacious backyard patio, Las Olas can host parties with close to 150 guests. They have custom-tailored packages to suit your food or drink wishes.
  • Love 2 Bounce (302 Monroe St.) – This party room is off the beaten path a bit, but is likely one of the most affordable in Hoboken. See preview here.
  • West Five Supper Club (505 Madison St.) – They have space for upwards of 100 guests, and can fully cater your party (starting at $25 per person). There is a 40 person minimum, though. See recent preview and menus here.
  • Teak (16-18 Hudson Pl.) – Another massive two-story bar / restaurant located close to the PATH. They claim they can host parties of up to 1000 guests (if their occupancy limit even allows it). However, expect to pay a pretty penny for this fancy spot.
  • Village Pourhouse (205 1st St.) – This relatively new bar/restaurant is suited for medium to large-sized parties (from 20 to 170 guests). You can book at night for a wild adult booze-fest, or even during the day for more tame kiddie party.
  • The Chandelier Room (225 River St.) – Located at the W Hotel along the Hoboken waterfront, The Chandelier Room is probably considered the highest-end choice you can have for your fancy event. Expect to budget a whopping amount of money for the prestige you’d earn for showing your friends a good time. Email events@emmgroupinc.com to find out how much you’d be set back.
  • Shannon Lounge (106 1st St.) – They also have a massive back room, but not sure if they still do private events. You might have to book way in advance. Call (201)656-9820 for more details.

Happy whatever it is you’ll be celebrating next!

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