City Council Meeting – 6/20/2012

Hoboken City Council Meeting of June 20, 2012

Below are the meeting documents for tonight’s city council meeting. Several residents have noticed a disturbing trend with our current administration. One, is that they’re “stuffing” every municipal board with devoted political supporters (not allowing a fair decorum for decisions being made – i.e., dictatorship), and now the city is hell-bent on trying to take private property away from perfectly legal land owners. Something ain’t right!

One bright side is that 4th Ward Councilman Occhipinti introduced a suggested change to our silly outdoor cafe ordinance. As mentioned on Hoboken411 in the past – why limit the calendar months that an outdoor cafe in Hoboken can be open? They should have the right to open up on the sidewalk any day of the year – regardless of weather conditions (except snow of course).

Click here at 7pm to watch live video stream.

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Ravi’s buddy Condon is getting more taxpayer money too. What reformers we have.