U.S. Open Ticket Giveaway

9/11/2007 Update:

Reader (and Hoboken resident) “Diamondjoe” was the recipient of the U.S. Open tennis tickets that Hoboken411 gave away last week. Here’s what he said, and a couple cameraphone pics he sent in:

“Saw most of the men’s quarterfinal between Federer and Roddick (Federer took it in straight sets, but it was a pretty good match) and about a set and a half of the mixed doubles title match. That was pretty cool… really fast and some good rallies I didn’t really expect. The sun was brutal though and the glare and heat were starting to annoy. So shopped a bit, saw some of the junior events on the side courts, and then headed out.

Thanks again! I owe ya some pints if you ever venture to this part of town.”



Tickets were snatched up. Sorry for those that didn’t see this in time. If I had more, I’d pass ’em out!


U.S. Open Tickets: FREE!

Anyone interested in Tennis?

I have two tickets for tomorrow’s U.S. Open event to share with the first Hoboken411 reader that would enjoy them.

  • Time: Thursday (tomorrow) at 11am
  • Value: Nearly $100 for the pair

Please email me
to find out more and to make suitable arrangements. I’d prefer to give the tickets to a registered 411 reader, so be sure to state your username. There has to be ONE out of the 5,000 registered users that can go!

Thanks again for reading Hoboken411.com!


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I hear adevertiser The Connors Group donated the tickets… I guess not thank you for them???


This was my first time to the event, and I wish I had known about the sun issue. Sunblock would have been good. I also didn’t realize the tix were good for the whole day; I thought it was like a day/night doubleheader in baseball and they’d rotate the crowd out for the prime time matches; I would have gone later in the day. Oi. In terms of the heat…the first pic is during the men’s quarterfinal (it was Ferrer and Chela, not Federer and Roddick) and you can see the crowd… but that crowd just evaporated for the mixed doubles final. Were it not for the security guards, I coulda walked right down to the front. Thanks again to Hobo411 for the chance to go. 😀


I was lucky to have grown up in an era when we had a world class player from my city. It made me curious and I started to sneak into tournaments (those were the days!) I had never paid to see a tennis match until I moved to NY and started going to the US Open.

If my experience is typical, it explains the explosion of Russian players on the tour these days. Sharapova is their role model and there are many more where she came from. My kids love Andy Roddick and the Williams sisters.

It is true that if you have a choice you should avoid the east side of the stadium during the day session unless you go armed to the teeth with hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and light clothes. Large cups of Heineken make it all better and you can bring your own water. You can skip at least one session in the tanning booth after you sit there for one afternoon, all in the name of sport.


I got to see the US Open a few years ago, compliments of a law firm. I was astounded at how fast the men hit the ball, especially on the serve. TV does not do it justice. That first shot is dished up as fast, or faster, than a pro baseball pitcher’s fast ball.

I didn’t really “get” tennis until that moment, esp. b/c I grew up in a neighborhood where the guys did not play tennis (or golf, or rowing, or etc.). Now I get it.


Andy Roddick played an awesome match (no breaks until the 3rd set) but Federer just beat him. Heartbreaker.

That’s it. Federer will eat Davydenko alive.

On the women’s side, we’ve got Venus in the running. I like her!