Hoboken driver needs accident witnesses

Always get police report in Hoboken, no matter how minor!

Earlier this month, there was a minor car accident downtown in which one driver was clearly at fault – and they supposedly took responsibility and were willing to accept the insurance claim from the driver they damaged. However, as you can see in this letter from Hoboken411 reader Kris – they quickly changed their tune and tried to lay blame on the innocent victim!

This story goes to show you the value of documenting all incidents with a police report, no matter how minor.

Hoboken NJ car accident insurance fraud and blackmail - Hoboken driver needs accident witnesses

Hoboken car accident participant fraudulently changes story

“Wednesday, June 6th at approximately 9:45am a silver Acura was parked on the corner of Newark and River Streets in Hoboken directly across the street from Lana Lounge.

The driver of the Acura parked and was about to open her car door when a black Honda SUV parked in front of her backed up straight into the Acura accelerating at a fast speed. Both women got out of their cars, the driver of the Honda SUV gave her insurance information to the other driver and apologized stating that she didn’t see the other car because of sun glare.

The owner of the Acura proceeded to get an estimate for the damages to her car, totaling $1500. Once she communicated this to the driver of the Honda SUV the woman’s husband (whom was not present at time of the accident) called the driver of the Acura to tell her that he has already called the insurance company and told them that the driver of the Acura was at fault and hit the Honda SUV. He said and I quote, “Because the damage is to the front of your vehicle and the back of ours, we’re telling the insurance company you hit us, and you have no proof otherwise.”

If you were near the corner of Newark and River Street on Wednesday morning and you saw this accident happen the driver of the Acura needs your help. Please write an email stating what you saw with your name and phone number so Gieco Insurance can confirm your statement to be true and accurate. Emails can be sent to: kmehrgott@gmail.com Thank you so much for your help.

It is sad that there are people in this town that will blackmail innocent neighbors.”

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Monday, June 11, 2012 9:52 pm

Lana or one of the neighboring businesses may have the accident on surveillance recordings. The driver should ask them ASAP since the recordings may only be kept for a few days.

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