Need dog training in Hoboken?

NJ Sit and Stay offers dog training at Hoboken Elks

Attention Hoboken dog owners! You might be on the fence or ready to bring your four-legged friend to the next level in regards to their behavior and obedience.

Whether you have a problem pooch, or just want to put and end to some nagging issues – you’d be interested to know about the Sit and Stay Dog Training & Behavioral program that takes place regularly at the Hoboken Elks Lodge at 10th & Washington Streets.

They offer various six-week classes: Puppy Kindergarten, “Basic Training,” as well as advanced training for more refined dogs. From what I’ve heard, Hoboken residents have had great success with trainer Joana Watsky.

Call (201)933-3369 or email to find out which program is right for you – and when the next one starts up!

Sit and Stay dog training at Hoboken Elks Club NJ

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012 5:45 pm

Had THE best experience with Joana and Sit and Stay, we have a 6 month old Australian Shepherd pup and in the six week “puppy kindergarten” she learned so much!! We were showing off all of the commands she learned to everyone in our building and they were shocked at how quickly she learned! You can tell Joana really knows what she is doing and most importantly she loves dogs, she really helped our little Scout!! Training is such an important part of introducing a dog to a family, and we werre very happy with Sit and Stay! 😛

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