Did you lose a cat in Hoboken?

Hoboken cat found near 10th & Bloomfield

Hoboken411 reader and resident Olivia found a cat last night uptown. Is it yours?

“I found a cat earlier tonight, 6/9/12, on 10th street between Bloomfield and Garden. Tt was walking through the street and came right over to me when I called it.
It’s a young Main Coon / Tabby mix wearing a purple collar with a bell on it.

He/she is very young, and very sweet, and I would love to reunite him/her to their owner as soon as possible. So I was hoping you could post the attached photo, this desrcription, as well as my contact information in hopes of reuniting this cat to his/her family.”

If this is your cat – please call the Olivia at (551)-208-9912!

Found Maine Coon cat Hoboken NJ

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