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Jen Riggins (Obama supporter) wanted everyone to know about this upcoming event at Texas Arizona.

Fired Up!

barack-obama-caricature-hoboken.gifThe national, state and local legs of the Barack Obama campaign for president are all about grassroots progress and openness. That’s why we’re having a bunch of events not limited to die-hard supporters, but anyone who’s curious about our campaign and the electoral process.

This Monday, Dec. 10, people across New Jersey are getting “Fired Up” about the future of our country. At Texas Arizona, starting at 8pm, we’re bringing together Obama supporters, friends and the “still considering” to socialize and talk about change. We’ll show some inspirational videos of Barack, talk a little about the campaign and, most importantly, we’ll get Hoboken a little more Fired Up! about Barack! This is a casual event, so don’t be intimidated—we welcome everyone! And we can’t wait to see you there!

Please RSVP and ask any questions through the link below. And let us know if you can’t make it Monday, but are still interested in getting involved in the Hoboken branch of the campaign. Thank you!


Hoboken411 isn’t supporting any particular candidate or party for the upcoming 2008 Presidential election, however, will welcome any press releases or announcements for political gatherings or events held in Hoboken.

Today’s announcement is for Barack Obama, from:

“Hudson County for Obama”

Dear Neighbors,

barack-obama-caricature-hoboken.gifOn September 6th, 2007 at 7:30 pm, join the movement to change and improve our country. The Hudson County chapter of NJ for Obama, the New Jersey field team for the Obama campaign, will be having its kick-off meeting at 12 Hudson Place (over-looking cobblestone across from PATH entrance.)

Meet fellow Barack Obama supporters, learn how to get involved in your town in Hudson County and learn about Barack’s style of grassroots organizing. Even if you’re on the fence, come for a little free food and to learn more about Barack’s message of hope and change for our country.

Everyone will have a chance to sign up for as much or as little volunteer work as they’d like. We’ll be looking for volunteers to become city and neighborhood leaders, and we’ll be looking to everyone to express how they believe we can get their friends involved. You will be able to influence the political process at a grassroots level by spreading your passion for Senator Obama’s message! Don’t miss this chance to become a valued part of the Obama campaign!

Please RSVP on the Barack Obama website:

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!
Hudson County for Obama

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We had our Democratic Committee meeting last month. The vote was unanimous for Hillary. Thirty four people showed up and
twenty nine went for Hillary, a few undeclared and one was for OBAMA and one for Edwards. February 5th is OUR primary.
New people want change. Change will come no matter who is in the oval office. Hillary has much more military experience than Obama, and has the ability to work with the people in charge! She is getting my vote! I bought a web site address and name and gave it to their campaign as useful! That might help! I watch part of the primaries and
I feel by the time election day comes we will ALL have had ENOUGH….


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out last night!

On the Today Show yesterday, talking about the media, Matt Lauer asked Tim Russert, “Is it about time we stop calling her the Front-Runner?” Tim responded, “Absolutely.”

The Obama campaign is gaining momentum even in so-called “inevitable” states! Check out the top story in and see!

Looking forward to talking to everyone on the trail…


[quote comment=”57569″]Twice in way day, Katie, we’re on a roll. ;)[/quote]
Maybe we should get lotto tickets? 😆


Twice in way day, Katie, we’re on a roll. 😉


[quote comment=”57560″]In my youth I was a liberal, then moderate democrat. However as I get older I understand the traditionl republican stand on less goverment, less federal spending. I haven’t decided to switch parties, though.
It’s still a long way till the republican nomination. If it happened now I think Huckabee would get it. He has that big round safe baby face, he’s into god, but also into rock. Boomer appeal. I don’t think middle america will go for Guiliani. He’s too slick. Romney blew it with his freedom requires religion speech. I like Ron Paul, see if he can pick up steam. The other guys don’t count.
The country is in such turmoil, a radical swing to the left would throw us into complete chaos. We need someone who will focus on the economy. It’s a bleeding disaster.
We could get a dark horse yet. I’m a business person. I would vote for Bloomberg, if he ran, in a heartbeat.[/quote]

With the correction of “in my youth I was a extremely conservative republican” I am shocked, yes SHOCKED, that we share the exact same sentiments on this race. Holy cow.