Public Corruption Reforms

Will this affect anyone in Hoboken?

Saw this little tidbit over at The Observer Editor’s Blog.

Sweeping Ethics Reforms Hit Trenton

corzine-hoboken.jpgGov. Jon S. Corzine, D-Hoboken, signed a package of bills today designed to further improve the ethical climate in New Jersey by eliminating dual office holding for elected officials and — for the first time — creating a specific crime to target individuals who use public resources for unauthorized purposes and increase penalties for those found guilty of public corruption.

The governor also signed legislation requiring the Office of Legislative Services to post all legislators’ voting records online.

“I am committed to giving the people of our state the kind of open, transparent and accountable government they deserve, and these bills go a long way toward accomplishing that goal,” Corzine said. “These reforms will only further demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that government serves only the public trust, and I want to thank the legislature, and Sen. (Ellen) Karcher in particular, for their efforts on this issue.”

Read the rest over at the blog.

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Anyone see Quimby today?

Eleven mayors and two other New Jersey officials from across New Jersey, were arrested Thursday in federal corruption investigation, officials told 1010 WINS reporter Steve Sandberg.


From what I read a month or two ago on this legislation…

Yes after February a person can’t pick up a new office without leaving their current one(s) and once an office holder leaves a post(resigns or is defeated) they can’t later pick it up without dropping their other offices.

Don’t get me wrong this is a good thing. I just wish the grandfathering ended before the November elections.


[quote comment=”42165″]My understanding is that anyone holding multiple offices before February ’08 is grandfathered in. So in the near term it won’t affect any office holder, even people voted into a second, third, fourth, etc office this November.[/quote]

This further entrenches them into positions of immovability. This is a perfect wall of defense that they are creating whereby noone with any capability can take a responsible positon. At least tell me that if the respective canidate has three current positions, then he can only maintain these three positions – he cannot add a fourth.


One would think that this new reform bill would frighten many of our corrupt officials here in Hoboken, yet I doubt they think it will ever reach them….
They probably figure they are so deeply entrenched that nothing can get them out… I only hope the FBI and whoever else handles investigations proves them wrong..


Ha when it comes to this, I am justice oriented not partisan. You can’t turn a blind eye to crime. That is why I am not a politician. Democrats of New Jersey have to get over themselves….want to get someone of integrity and priciples in the white house? Stop throwing dirt into the cake.