Parking Boots – which side?

How many cars in Hoboken have wrecked by boots?

We already know that those convoluted parking boots can damage parked cars in Hoboken.

Additionally, this author feels that the parking boots actually are worse for the residents than towing – as they do not free up parking spots, but rather keep them occupied longer while the “offending” driver has to deal with the debacle of de-booting his or her car. It’s apparent that the city uses this system purely for the reason of sucking more money from the purses of the resident or visitor – and not to increase quality of life or availability of spots.

Be that as it may, another interesting point came up by a Hoboken411 reader who noticed this boot situation along Hudson St. The boot and the notices were on the passengers side. This increases the chance that the driver will attempt drive off with the boot still on – severely damaging their car. Sure, it would take an idiot to do that, but some folks are indeed idiots and might think that notice is just another flier, and not be bothered to remove it. Additionally – knowing how many mischievous drunks are wandering around – what would happen if one decided to pull the warning notices off? At least if the boot was on the drivers side, they’d still be able to see it.

HPU parking boot and warning on drivers side of car - Parking Boots - which side?

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