Phoenix Bar & Grill

Phoenix Bar and Grill at Lackawanna Terminal in Hoboken

The Lackawanna Train Terminal in Hoboken is getting a new watering hole called the Phoenix Bar & Grill.

This is on top of the other four new retail food establishments: Sbarro Pizza, Tim Hortons Coffee, Subway and Manchu WOK.

This completes the roundup of upcoming changes at our transit hub. I still think they should have tried supporting local businesses, but what can you do. Remember – this is coming from a group that wants to line Observer Highway with high-rises – so they don’t typically understand this concept.

Phoenix Bar and Grill Hoboken NJ Lackawanna Train Terminal - Phoenix Bar & Grill

Description: Bar and grill for weary and depressed commuters.
Address: 1 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: Phoenix Bar & Grill NJ
Phone: TBD

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