Dog Joy Ready to Bake Cookies

Letter: Fun oatmeal cookies for dogs at Kings in Hoboken

One Hoboken411 reader shares a fun project that you and your pooch can partake in.

“I’m just writing to share a fun new find with other Hoboken411 readers. I usually shop at Cornerstone Pets for dog treats, but recently it was too late – close to 10pm – and I was at Kings Supermarket uptown.

The dog treat selection there is not so healthy, but in the dog food refrigerator at the end of the aisle I found Dog Joy Ready to Bake Cookies.” For $4.99 there were 18 pretty large ones (not bad) and I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

These peanut butter and oatmeal cookies were easy enough to throw on a cookie sheet, took 12 minutes, and smelled really great. I liked that they were made in the USA with all natural ingredients. My dog really likes them, and even licks the floor where they happen to drop. If anyone else is up for this type of thing, why not give it a try?”


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