More graffiti in Hoboken

Does cleaning Hoboken graffiti help?

Some places in Hoboken that get “tagged” by graffiti vandals quickly rectify the situation by either removing it or painting over it in order to preserve the quality of the neighborhood.

Other places I’ve noticed, leave them up for longer periods of time – like this area near 3rd & Park. Is it that they don’t have the money to remove it, or don’t bother because it’ll come back again soon enough?

3rd Street Graffiti in Hoboken NJ - More graffiti in Hoboken

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Sunday, June 3, 2012 9:37 pm

If at all possible – everyone should clean up the graffiti as soon as possible, and everyone should do whatever they can to stop it in the first place. It reflects badly on the entire neighborhood. Lets face it – if you don’t know an area, and you walk down the street and see graffiti everywhere, even if you see nothing else and do not see any people, what do you think? You think its a poor trashy unsafe area and you quicken your pace to get out of there. You certainly wouldn’t buy a pricey condo in an area all befouled and marked up. I know there are other priorities when bigger programs are being cut to the bone, but its a quality of life issue that starts the process of bringing a neighborhood down. Things like this need to be nipped in the bud. I wonder if this increase in graffiti is a result of police cuts? With kids starting to turn the “right” age for this kind of nonsense we need more patrols, not less. I used to see many more police out and about, and got to know some of the neighborhood officers. I liked that – it gave one a better sense of security and a better feeling about the town government in general. i know everyone’s budget is tight right now, but neighborhood patrol officers walking around on beats is the last place one should cut. I will put my soapbox away now and… Read more »

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