Train Like a PGA golf pro in Hoboken

Seth Greiner over at Mile Square Physical Therapy (610 Washington St.) wants all casual golfers in and around Hoboken to know about his new service to help you possibly elevate your golf game.

Beyond what you’ll read here, they’re also running a Father’s Day Special for $199 which is a 1.5 hour appointment and includes a full evaluation, video analysis, and customized home exercise program.

Read on if this interests you!

Mile Square Physical Therapy in Hoboken, NJ is Titleist certified

Have you ever wondered why you can’t turn your hips and torso as far as Sergio Garcia? Are you tired of nagging injuries limiting your golf game? The body is the most important piece of equipment a golfer has, yet the physical aspects of the game are consistently ignored by many amateur golfers. This results in power robbing swing faults, which can lead to repetitive strain injuries.

Who is the medical professional you can trust to help with such a problem? The physical therapist.

Physical therapists are experts in human movement analysis. For instance, they diagnose and treat tight hip muscles that can limit your hip turn on the backswing, and they can show you ways to strengthen your abdominals to generate higher club head velocity and explosiveness off the tee.

In addition to working with a teaching pro, most PGA touring pros work closely with a physical therapist to fine tune their body’s ability to move and maximize their performance on the course. The Titleist Performance Institute certifies physical therapists to evaluate golfers for movement dysfunction, and correcting this is the key to a more efficient golf swing.

Seth Greiner, MSPT, CPT-TPI, is a licensed physical therapist in both NY and NJ.

He graduated cum laude from Boston University’s physical therapy program in 2005. Since then, he has enjoyed working with golfers in Southampton, NY, midtown Manhattan, and now in Hoboken, NJ.

Seth specializes in working with golfers in the rehabilitation and personal training setting.

He has completed coursework with Timothy Breland, a former touring PGA pro and licensed physical therapist.

He is also certified through the Titleist Performance Institute, the leaders in the field of golf performance enhancement.

Benefits of Golf Fitness Program

  • Reduced Injury Risk
  • Increased Club Head Velocity
  • Increased Ball Velocity
  • Increased Driving Distance
  • Increased Torso Rotation Strength
  • Increased X Factor (ratio of shoulder turn to hip turn)

How can a Golf Fitness Program help you?

Working with a TPI certified therapist will boost the golfer’s accuracy, club head velocity, distance, and consistency.

  1. Seth uses the Titleist movement screen to identify the major barriers to movement that result in inefficient swing techniques. For some golfers, its balance, others, hip flexibility, others core strength. Accurate diagnosis of the problem is critical.
  2. Seth uses corrective exercises and stretches to allow more free and efficient motion. He will not reteach you how to swing a golf club, that job is for a PGA teaching pro. He works closely with your and/or your professional in order to maintain a consistent message targeting efficient movement.

Lastly, he provides you with a comprehensive, individualized exercise program to strengthen your body in a golf specific way. When done are a regular basis, these exercises will give your body the capability to drive the ball further.

How much does this all cost?

Golf Body Evaluation $150
12 TPI functional movement screens identify areas of inflexibility in the body
Full body assessment of strength, flexibility, balance, X factor calculation
Prescription of corrective exercises

Golf Trainer X – $100
Personalized training sessions targeting golfer’s specific limitations with manual therapy and corrective exercises

Birdie Package – $ 625
Golf Body Evaluation
6 week golf specific exercise program design
Five 60 minute Trainer X Sessions

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