Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding

More pills to pump in Hoboken veins!

Those bummed out that Baron Drug closed down last year, might find some happiness that Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding is coming soon to Hoboken.

Located at the former Hoboken Antiques spot (511 Washington Street), “Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding offers our patients personalized health care, which includes medication therapy management, complimentary and alternative medicine, compounding and monitoring of chronic disease states.”

If you’ve woken up and discovered ways to avoid poisoning your body – you should rarely need prescription pills – if ever! Sad that half of Hoboken is on some kind of psychotropic drug, or has debilitating chronic diseases (such as diabetes) due to not living the low-carb life. Until the rest of the world wakes up – I guess they’ll always be a need for places like this. Good luck, Med-Man!

Medicine Man Pharmacy Hoboken NJ 511 Washington Street - Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding

Description: Pharmacy
Address: 511 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

Fax: (201) 555-5555


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