“Car vs. Motorcycle”

15th & Park, accident involving (like the title suggests) a car and a motorcycle. No information as to the extent of any injuries, but Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance en route.

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There’s one dangerous section that I can think of that might cause problems…

If you’re on a motorcycle and returning to Hoboken driving south on Park and coming down that overpass (over the rail tracks) after passing the Exxon Gas Station, there’s that Park On Park garage that has a left turning lane. If there’s a left turning car there, on a motorcycle, you go straight, but sometimes, cars speed up to try to overtake you in that one spot and at times almost sandwich you between their car and the left turning car. Car drivers seem to be frustrated at this spot and even do the same to other cars. The most I can do is avoid their wreckless driving, catch them at the light on 14th, and pull up to the drivers’ window and give a friendly greeting.

I don’t know if that was a problem with this accident on 15th and Park, but it seems like the same spot.