God Bless Lisa’s Deli in Hoboken!

Lisa’s Deli in Hoboken is one of the best

Hoboken411 lives a very “cyclical” lifestyle. My routines and destinations vary widely over the course of time. But happily, they tend to gravitate towards the positive – and that’s a good thing.

Lisa’s Deli (9th & Park) has always been a favorite of mine since I’ve lived in Hoboken. But for some odd reason, it was “off the radar” for quite an extensive period of time. Why? I cannot say, and sadly I feel it should have never left it!

Lisas Deli low carb cheeses Hoboken NJ ricotta

Lisa’s is a true Hoboken gem everyone should patronize

I guess I can hone in on why this happened. I stopped going to traditional “delis” because I no longer eat sandwiches. The low-carb lifestyle pretty much eradicates that option. And when you think of most deli’s, typically sandwiches are the top reason.

However, after learning they make the absolutely best ricotta cheese on planet earth – they were swept back into my vision, and gladly so!

I visit Lisa’s a couple times a week now for some of my favorite fresh Mozzarella cheese in Hoboken – and they also make great salads and omelets as well.

To boot, it’s a friendly place to connect with good people and positive vibes. Although, I’m only speaking about the people that work there, not necessarily all of the customers – as I had a little run-in with a doped up, social networking addict the other day who had the patience of a squirrel on a quadruple espresso. This impatient tool was swiping his cell phone and giving attitude that would have him in the gutter minus some teeth “back in the day.” Seriously, people! When you walk into an established “old school” place like Lisa’s – leave your phone in your pocket, and enjoy the beauty of one of the few places everyone is REAL. Capeesh?

Anyway – Hoboken411 Mascot offers his full seal of approval. Enjoy the weekend!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012 1:15 pm

I agree with the Mutz!!! and they are nice people. I once ordered meals there, tok it home and served it – passing it off as my own. Delish”))

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