Yep… Another intersection accident

9/3/2007 Update:

Here’s a more detailed update from yesterday’s avoidable accident:

Dozens of people enjoying a leisurely Sunday Brunch at Legal Beans were suddenly jarred by the sounds of yet another two-car collision on Newark Street. With a spine-tingling crash, a late model Nissan sedan traveling south on Garden collided with a brand new Lexus SUV making it’s way west on Newark. The Nissan t-boned the passenger side door of the Lexus, which very suddenly appeared in the intersection just as the low-slung Nissan was attempting to cross. How did this happen?

Witnesses say an illegally parked Chevy Pickup on the northeast corner made it nearly impossible to see if anyone was driving down Newark toward Garden. That truck forced drivers to edge onto Newark Street in order to see anything, and by then it was too late for the driver of the Nissan, who made direct contact with the Lexus.


Hoboken Police were quick to the scene, along with the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps who transported a shaken up passenger to the hospital. A number of witnesses pointed to the truck as the culprit for the accident, noting there had been several “close calls” witnessed by Legal Beans customers at the intersection before the crash.

The Police Officer on the scene was asked to ticket and tow the White Pickup, but he ultimately just got back into his cruiser and sped off, leaving an unsafe situation to fester. The white pickup did not get a ticket, and it remains at the corner even now, flaunting the law and setting the stage for more collisions.

The irony of all this? On page 4 of this week’s Hoboken Reporter is a half-page ad of the “Safe Paths To School” program, which apparently isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, or the taxpayer dollars the Mayor “emphatically” spent on it:

That’s right. The ad says “The Hoboken Parking Utility, in conjunction with Mayor David Roberts, (and) the Hoboken Police Department… announce… ALL PARKING REGULATIONS ARE BEING STRICTLY ENFORCED! Violators are subject to tickets and towing…” unless, I suppose, your pickup truck is parked illegally and causing accidents at the corner of Garden and Newark. Then you won’t be ticketed or towed.

Tell me my “inner corner” intersection parking suggestion is stupid now!

See more pix of the accident after the break.


This time at the Legal Beans intersection. Caused apparently by a “white pickup” protruding way into the field of view. Mounting evidence that my Intersection Parking Suggestion is necessary, and in fact a great idea.

I think I’m going to start assigning sequential serial numbers to each one of these that I stumble across. Sort of like a “case file”.

The real question is, THIS IS LABOR DAY! There’s TONS of parking everywhere. Why near the intersection this time?

Photos from the scene will be posted later, when I get back from the Arthur’s Landing Clam Bake BBQ.

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I’m sure the people who were in the accident could use the picture (if they didn’t already take one) to get the license plate. My guess is it’s someone connected to City Hall or HPD because the cop didn’t ticket the car despite knowing it was illegally parked, it sat there for a few days, and the driver apparently knows he can get away with whatever he wants as was seen last night for a second known offense. I wonder if there’s a website where you can run plates.


[quote comment=”43340″]I see this all the time on Newark street. I’m hoping one or both of the owners will sue the owner of the Truck for contributing to the accident.

Let the truck owner’s insurance company pony up some cash and jack the truck owners rates.[/quote]

if you owned this truck would you insure it?????


I see this all the time on Newark street. I’m hoping one or both of the owners will sue the owner of the Truck for contributing to the accident.

Let the truck owner’s insurance company pony up some cash and jack the truck owners rates.


Something else I noticed. About a month ago all the road marking were laid down again in my area, including the dubious ‘disable parking’ zones in a lovely shade of blue – the stop line at the intersections were painted in brilliant white, it looked good.

4 weeks later I have no idea where the stop line is and I saw a car get booted for parking in the disabled spot that had morphed into every other parking space without markings.

Do they get their paint supply from Creative Little Monsters? How often does the city lay down new markings? Is this a nice little pay check someone gets for another piss poor job?

Also – in some places I notice white spray paint marking on the curb – I presume that this is so you can see the nearest place you can park to the end of the street? It doesn’t help when random new lines are painted a foot away in either direction.


Well now we know exactly which truck it is, and we know where it is parked.

I’d say the good readers of 411 will figure out some way to let the owner know he/she is an asshole. 😉