Sloppy Sinatra Drive

Letter: Part of Sinatra Drive in Hoboken is an eyesore

Hoboken411 reader Matt has some concerns with a section of Sinatra Drive. Even some out of town visitors noticed it!

Union Dry Dock area in Hoboken a big mess

“I thought I would pass on a comment from some out of town visitors that walked from the PATH to our place in uptown this past weekend along the waterfront.

It was perfect weather for a stroll, and the waterfront walkway walkway was beautiful and enjyable in the early evening except the area between the skate park and the Maxwell Place Park area. I am sure you are familiar of the area as you walk your Dog.

The small sidewalk in between the scary fence and tightly parked cars is poorly lit and not maintained at all. I walked by there with my family all the time, and finally noticed what an eyesore it really is. The Union Dry Dock facility makes no attempt to clean up the garbage that is strewn everywhere and the overhanging fence is quite scary, and probably unnecessary. I actually appreciate the history of the docks in North Hoboken, and realize that this is still in use to some extent, although the place looks abandoned with all the mess surrounding the property and at the property. The city should really do something to make the owner clean the area up a bit and possibly widen the sidewalk to make it safer since the waterfront walkway is packed with runners, strollers and skaters at all hours of the day, so that they don’t have to use the busy street.”

411 Note: You’ll see in the photos above – the rubbish is both on the street and the sidewalk. Even some places that the sweeper can’t reach, yet is still city property. Additionally, I’m sure many of you agree – the joggers who feel entitled to run on the pavement and not the sidewalk is a precarious situation that will eventually lead to very bad things.

Who do you think should be responsible for maintaining it? What about making it safer?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 5:45 pm

There was a plan in 2009 to replace Union Dry Docks as covered here on Hoboken411. I don’t know if it was the tree hugging Patchouli smelling anti-development community in town or the economy that killed it or both. Perhaps since things are picking up someone will come along and buy the place and redo it with a waterfront walkway before we all take a dirt nap?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 10:24 am

You are off base on this one. The entire purpose of the wide Hudson River Waterfront walkway is to give runners and others a safe place to run/stroll. Unfortunately the dry dock is seemingly grandfathered in and has not allowed any sort Of pass through for the waterfront walkway (almost everywhere else in Hudson county has mandated some sort of easement). If the dry dock is going to be a bottleneck or the walkway, then they should at least move their fence inward by even just 2-3 feet to make the walkway more accessible and safer for all. I would like to see the bottleneck addressed somehow by te dry dock owners and the city.
Most people strolling side by side will move when I shout out and ask them to step aside while running through. But there are plenty of clueless people who don’t watch where they are walking.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 6:52 am

Are joggers that pouty? There is plenty of space for two people to jog on the sidewalk. So what if they have to move around every now and then.

Such babies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:09 pm

“Additionally, Iā€™m sure many of you agree ā€“ the joggers who feel entitled to run on the pavement and not the sidewalk is a precarious situation that will eventually lead to very bad things.”

Its far less about being feeling entitled, and much more about not having a choice. The sidewalk is narrow and there is no other connection between the nice, wide waterfront walkway. Maybe take a look in the picture above again, and you’ll notice that the orange pillars are there specifically to block off the road and make some additional space for people to run/walk/bike.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 6:11 pm

Jogger don’t feel entitled more forced. If they could do something about the narrow sidewalk, signs in the middle of the sidewalk and foot traffic/strollers it would be easier to run. Instead people are forced into an unsafe situation where they run on the street. The other side is even worse with overhang and stones/brances everywhere. The whole waterfront section in Hoboken is an absolute disgrace.

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