411 Tech Notes: New Search & More!

A little house cleaning over the weekend. Changed up some of the fonts for various headers & titles, completely re-vamped the way you can search the site & more!

The previous search method was a box at the top of the screen. While it “sort of” worked, it didn’t search the comments made, nor was it summarized, it just linked to whole articles, which was terribly inefficient.

I’ve removed that box, and replaced it with an in-house Google search near the top of the right sidebar. Works much better than before, and finds every word or phrase (“in quotes”) that you’re looking for!

Bonus: I also finally fixed the “nested quotes” issue that was plaguing the comments section. But when “quoting” another commenter, please try and limit it to one or two previously quoted comments. It will become unreadable, too small and will defeat the purpose after that. If you want to quote someone who’s already quoted many previous comments, just reference comment number (like this- “#157: Good point, I also feel that… “) Readers will certainly appreciate that!

I’m constantly trying to make Hoboken411 a better experience for everyone, but I’m sure you all notice!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

new hoboken411 search engine upgrade - 411 Tech Notes: New Search & More!

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