The Farm at Green Village

The Farm at Green Village, NJ – The king of gardening centers!

This time of year most of us are thinking about getting back outdoors (even after a relatively harmless winter) and spending some time planting flowers, gardening vegetables and herbs, or planting something in our urban “container gardens.”

One of the greatest nurseries I’ve visited in recent memory that has just about everything you might need is The Farm at Green Village, just a few short minutes from Madison, New Jersey (45 minutes from Hoboken and not far from the Short Hills Mall).

Though it may be a little bit of a drive, we feel it’s well worth a weekend day-trip, especially considering it’s the largest gardening center and nursery in the NYC tri-state area!

Green Village Farm is massive, friendly and awesome!

This family-owned nursery is huge and even is dog friendly!

In addition to the really nice “main” greenhouse, there are aisle upon aisle of gorgeous flowers and herbs outside this time of year, and then acres of other shrubbery and trees. On my first visit, I remember being amazed that the place went on, and on, and on…

Also noticeable, and appreciated – is that the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. When it comes to varieties of plants (and trust me there are thousands there), it’s common to have a question. That’s why we find it really important at The Farm that they have a ton of staff around to answer questions. On a property so large it could be a pain to have a question about a plant, and have to walk all the way back for help, but at The Farm there is always someone nearby, or driving by on a cart or truck. They know so much about each variety of plant, in fact, that we are always amazed.

Not just for shopping, Green Village is a destination

The Farm at Green Village is also a fun place to take the whole family due to some entertainment that animals on the property may offer the kids. In addition to the large pond in the middle of the property with swans and ducks, there are also aviaries with two different types of peacocks. One particular blue peacock we noticed “said hi” by squawking to those passing by, which we took to mean that he was a nice friendly guy. Oscar the Hoboken411 Mascot will soon be by to pay this peacock a visit.

The main greenhouse is full of really nice pots and a ton of landscape-related decorations, and also indoor plants including an incredible cacti selection and orchids. It’s hard to not be fascinated by a lot of interesting things packed inside. Outside beyond, there is a huge selection of plantable roses, and a koi fish pond and rock garden. As I said before, this place goes on, and on…

A nice escape from the hectic city scene

The best part of the visit, though, was just spending fifteen minutes sitting on a garden swing overlooking the pond and taking in the meandering of the ducks and swans. If you have the time on an otherwise busy weekend, I recommend you give it a try alone, or with the whole gang and/or family. Hoboken needs more of us planting things, and fewer drunks ripping out our trees and potted flowers on the weekend.

Bonus: Also while you are in the Madison area, on your way home crack the windows so the plants can breathe and stop in at Poor Herbie’s! It is a homey family-owned place that’s an institution in Madison, where they serve great food. In particular, have the salad with the “famous house dressing,” and I predict you will go back there again and again! Highly recommended!


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