How to stop Parking Douches?

Parking Douche App debuts in Russia – would it work in Hoboken?

Apparently in Russia, they have parking offenders just like Hoboken!

The Village, a Russian news organization developed a location based app that “shames” parking offenders – and blasts their license plate, make and model all over the companies website, effectively blocking it. You have to then share that info via your social networks in order to unblock the website.

Sounds like an interesting idea – but holding a website hostage just because someone in your neighborhood parked like a douche probably won’t be too effective. I’d be more likely to stop using that site if they forced me to do extra work like that. But who knows, maybe it’ll work in Russia.

I predict that if this came to Hoboken – city vehicles would be “douched” the most!

What do you think of the Parking Douche App?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 1:27 pm

Love it! But the city might sue, because they directly stole Ian Sacs’ official title which is trademarked.

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