Fleet Week 2012

Fleet Week New York 2012

Fleet Week New York starts tomorrow, Wednesday May 23rd at 8am, and ends on May 30th.

Those along the Hudson River will be treated to both a Parade of Ships – as well as some military flybys between 8am and 1pm.

Fleet Week New York 2012 NYC Hoboken NJ Hudson River Blue Angels - Fleet Week 2012

NYC Fleet Week 2012 Flyby schedule

Below is a list of the flybys that are scheduled tomorrow, with the famous Blue Angels being the headline act. (Thanks Rob for the tip!)

  • 11:27am: 4 x FA-18F
  • 11:30am: E-2C
  • 11:33am: H-65
  • 11:36am: HH-60
  • 11:39am: HU-25
  • 11:42am: P-3C
  • 11:45am: P-8A
  • 11:48am: 2 x EA-18G
  • 11:51am: 2 x MV-22B
  • 11:54am: Snowbirds, 2-ship
  • 11:57am: C-130T, Fat Albert
  • 12:00pm: Blue Angels, 3 passes
  • 12:15pm: Conclusion

Fleet Week New York 2012 – Vessel Schedule

Wednesday, May 24, 2012

Tall Ships
8:11am: Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
9:18am: Statue of Liberty Ellis Island
9:27am: World Trade Center

10:39am: Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
11:22am: Statue of Liberty Ellis Island
11:28am: World Trade Center
12:00pm: Tall Ships and Warships pass in review in the vicinity of Intrepid Pier 86

Fleet Week – Order of Parade of Sail

  • Fireboat Harvey
  • Juan Sebastian De Elcano (Spain)
  • KRI Dewaruci (Indonesia)
  • La Belle Poule (France)
  • Etoile (France)
  • Cisne Branco (Brazil)
  • Buque Escuela Arm Cuauhtemoc (Mexico)
  • ARC Gloria (Columbia)
  • BAE Guyas (Ecuador)
  • USCGC Eagle (WIX 327)
  • USS Roosevelt (DDG 80)
  • USS Mitscher (DDG 57)
  • HMCS Iroquois (Canada)
  • USS Gonzalez (DDG 66)
  • JS Shirane (Japan)
  • USCGC Seneca (WMCE 906)
  • USS San Jacinto (CG 56)
  • FNS Pohjanmaa (Finland)
  • USS Donald Cook (DDG 75)
  • RFA Argus (United Kingdom)
  • USMMA T/V Liberator
  • USCGC Willow (WLB 202)
  • USS Wasp (LPD 1)

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