Light Rail accident

Another incident on Paterson Plank road, involving the Light Rail and another vehicle.

NJ Transit is on scene, Jersey City Police have been notified to close the road to the north to incoming traffic. Train is not derailed, and it should be moved in 3 minutes.

Wasn’t serious, and no injuries were involved. Typical idiot running a red light. What’s the hurry? The train is exactly two cars long!


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That traffic study for the SW Redevelopment are will come in handy when ther are several thousand new condos in the area in the next few years.


The Darwin Awards are going to have to start covering Hoboken for all the morons that keep hiting/getting hit by trains.


Why don’t they just install gates and lights to prevent accidents? The costs of the accidents will defray the cost of the gates and lights. 🙄