Reader Mail: No mail in my box!

hoboken-no-mail-today.jpgNot that I get anything important via mail anymore these days, I still look forward to checking it daily regardless. You never know when something fun might arrive (like Hoboken’s Emergency preparedness booklet).

In this case, reader Jerry gripes about not getting any mail at all for the last few days:


For the third time this year, the US Post Office is not delivering mail to my building (Newark Street near Legal Beans).

They didn’t yesterday, and they didn’t again today. I strolled down to the River Street Post Office and, basically, no one would listen to me. When this happened in the past, our regular fe-mail-man was on vacation. Well it looks like she is on holiday again and management finds it’s not necessary to have someone fill in for her. Just another example of Hoboken’s “we don’t give a sh*t” attitude toward residents.

Perhaps we’ll once again begin receiving mail on Tuesday when she returns.”

I heard other stories about horrible and lazy postal people around town (although my guy uptown is excellent). Any other horror stories out there?


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[quote comment=”42057″]I have had stuff not arrive before, although I don’t know if it was entirely USPS’s fault or also FedEx, UPS, etc. One order from never came, and when I contacted the post office, they swore up and down that it was delivered on X date to my building. Nobody had seen it. Unless there is a crazy in my building who wants to steal others’ vitamins, I call B.S. on that mail carrier.

However, I’ve also had items from Amazon and other vendors not ever arrive. My father tried 3 times to send me an Amazon book that kept on not coming. Not sure if he was using USPS or another shipping service.

My mother sent me something that was “confirmed delivered” through USPS and also never came. Strange.

maybe it’s my building. I’m not aware that my neighbors are thieves, but our front mailbox area is not secured, so it could be anyone. We’ve taken to having packages delivered to our offices just to be safe.[/quote]
I had to chase a ups guy down he walks up to my apt building looks left to right then write a im sorry we missed you notice and drives off.He didn’t ring a bell or nothing


Why are you blaming Hoboken once again for faulty mail delivery service? Hoboken doesn’t pick the postal workers, Civil Service does. If a clerk at the post office is rude why not lodge a complaint against him/her with Civil Service in Trenton. The “temps” they hire for 90 days, are just that temps. I’m not giving them license to deliver mail irresponsibly that job should be done at the training level.

We all have steady mail carriers in each district, when he/she is out sick or on vacation, they use someone who is not familiar (in some cases) with the area. We all welcome our regular postal worker back when he/she comes back.

It is the responsibility of the training program given by Civil Service to impress upon these “temps” the importance of proper mail delivery, not the local post office official to act like “Big Brother”. It is the same analogy as you can teach your children morals but once they leave the house it is up to them to make the right choices. 😉


Same here. This beautiful wall certificate which is supposed to hang in your office for the rest of your career came to me creased in several places with a small tear on one edge. I ended up calling the licensing authority who sent it to me and demanded a new one… at least that one wasn’t mangled.


I had my certificate for a state licensing exam that clearly stated “DO NOT BEND” bent in half and shoved into my mailbox.


Postal service seems to be sub-par everywhere. I finally got a post office box after missing some tax receipts. It is important to report everything. That way, there is a log of the complaints and the local post office has to respond. Everyone should call 1-800-ASK-USPS every time there is a problem.