NYC Trivia comes to Tilted Kilt

New: Tuesday Trivia at Tilted Kilt in Hoboken, NJ

Trivia in Hoboken NJ“Drunken Smartass Trivia” is coming to Tilted Kilt (800 Jackson) each Tuesday starting tonight at 7:30pm!

DSO Media and TriviaNYC are big time trivia entertainers who’ve now expanded into New Jersey.

“Legendary party joint the Tilted Kilt is teaming up with us to set up a weekly Tuesday trivia series that, frankly, is going to be the best of its kind in the city. Curated by Jeopardy champions and hosted by local Hoboken dignitaries, it’s the world brought to your door.

Tilted Trivia Tuesdays will feature fifty questions over five rounds, covering pop culture, music, arts, sports, and history. Teams of up to five players compete for glory, bar tabs and other prizes, and of course the enduring enmity of everyone else in the room.

Additionally, each week features an “On This Day In History” round, a rapid-fire “Name Threes” round, the best-curated audio round anywhere. It’s not just an amazing night of quizzing, it’s a party guaranteed to lift you up in the middle of your week.

No cover, frequent drink specials, extremely high quality bar food, many quality beers on tap, and tons of big screens so no action will be missed. Come early, get rowdy, leave happy!”

Trivia Tuesdays at Tilted Kilt Hoboken NJ

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